We are certificated member of

Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI)

In the context of globalisation and international competition, many companies obtain labour-intensive goods from developing and newly industrialised countries. However, working conditions in these countries often do not comply with basic labour standards, such as those established by the International Labour Organization (ILO).


To establish international labour standards, BSCI is offering companies a broad platform for cooperation, a systematic surveillance and qualification system and a Code Of Conduct to support their efforts to build up an ethic supply chain.

The member certificate (and therefore the Code Of Conduct) has been signed by KRIPPL-WATCHES, it is based on international contracts for protection of employee rights and is including the following key elements: management practices, documentation, working hours, compensation, child labour, forced labour (including prison labor and coercive measures), meeting freedom (including freedom of association and collective bargaining), discrimination (sex, race, religion), working conditions, health and social services, health and safety at work and aspects of environmental protection.

We are certificated

authorized economic operator (AEO)

In the customs legislation of the European Union a certified company is called as an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) a certified company for which customs simplifications are granted.


The status as authorized economic operator allows companies e. g. to obtain within the European Union in a simple process without further extensive review approvals for customs procedures with economic impact as well as other simplified procedures. In this respect, the application of unified standards for the awarding of status within the European Union is of great importance.

The granting of this status is subject to extensive requirements regarding the reliability, solvency, the history of compliance of the relevant legislation, and, where appropriate, the fulfillment of certain safety standards.

KRIPPL-WATCHES has met the following licensing requirements and has therefore acquired the highest AEO certificate “Customs Simplifications/Security” (AEO F):


  1. appropriate compliance of customs regulations in the past
  2. a satisfactory accounting in terms of commercial and transport documents, which allows an appropriate control
  3. the verification of financial solvency
  4. compliance with appropriate safety standards